Blended Learning in GAI’s Chartered Financial Analysis (CFA) Program

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The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) credential, as it is widely known for, is the most respected and recognized investment designation in the world. Having this credential would prove to your present, future and/or prospect clients, employers and colleagues your mastery of a broad range of investment topics and your commitment to the highest ethical professional standards (GAI, 2015). It is no doubt therefore, that many of you who aspire a successful career in financial analysis have the CFA credential in your list of priorities. In order to obtain this credential, you will need to pass various challenging CFA examinations. To help you ensure your success in these examinations, Global Accountancy Institute (GAI) has created and is now offering its Chartered Financial Analysis (CFA) Program for you.

With GAI’s CFA Program, you will be equipped with the relevant knowledge and skills in Financial Analysis that you will need in obtaining your dream CFA credential. These include knowledge and skills in bridging academic theory, current industry practice, and ethical and professional standards—the core foundations of advanced investment analysis and real-world portfolio management skills (GAI, 2015). Through the employment of blended learning, GAI makes its CFA Program more accommodating and more effective for you. How does blended learning do this?

First, as blended learning maximizes the plethora of resources now available for quality learning and assessment mechanisms, in GAI’s CFA Program, you will be provided with highly competitive CFA qualification study materials. To guarantee this competitive quality, GAI has Created Global Publishing for the production of these study materials. These study materials provide assessment framework that are ideal for you to practice and prepare for your CFA exams. In addition, because of the principles of blended learning, these CFA study materials and resources have been created to help you build and increase the confidence you will need in your journey to finishing the whole CFA curriculum.

Aside from the highly competitive CFA qualification study materials and resources, GAI’s blended learning also offers you a set of Live Online. These classes, which you will have to attend to complete your CFA Program will make sure that you experience active participation in your classes, and increase your interactions with your instructors, fellow students and other outside resource persons. These Online interactions will let you reflect more thoroughly the knowledge and skills you will be acquiring from the discussions, sharing, and inquiries you will be engaging yourself in.

Furthermore, through blended learning in GAI’s CFA Program, you will also experience personalized and differentiated learning and instruction. This way, meeting your individual and unique learning needs and preferences will be ensured.

This is how blended learning in GAI’s CFA Program works. Indeed, with this learning paradigm, its highly qualified study materials, assessment mechanisms, Live Online interactions, and personalized and differentiated instruction, your success in the field of Financial Analysis and in getting your most wanted CFA credential is guaranteed. Through GAI’s CFA Program, one day, you will see yourself rubbing elbows with your fellow chartered holders.

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