Choosing an Accountancy Course

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Accountancy or accounting refers to the processes, measures and communication techniques used to convey financial information involving economic entities. It is also called the language of business as it evaluates the outcomes of a company’s economic activities and transmits the information to different users including management, creditors, investors and regulators. People who practice accounting are called accountants.

For students who are aspiring to become accountants someday, there is a wide range of accountancy courses that they may consider. It is very important for students to choose the right course as it prepares and guides their entry into the different fields of accounting, including governmental accounting, accounting information systems and corporate accounting.

So, how would you choose the right accounting course for you? Consider the factors enumerated below:

A recognized accounting course

The first step is to select a course that is competent and necessary to corporations or offices that provide finance and accountancy services. Graduating from a recognized course will enable you to find the appropriate employer who is compatible with the skills you have to get the job done.

To determine which course is well-recognized by most organizations, identify the number of students who are currently studying the course. It is also important to determine how many members are included in the professional body.

Another thing, choose a qualification that is recognized abroad. So that by the time you qualify, it would be easy for you to look for jobs inside and outside the country. Try visiting websites of professional bodies to find out if their qualifications are recognized globally.

A handy accounting course

The best accounting course for you is one that will provide you with relevant, working knowledge and skills suitable in any organization. Fortunately, if you pass your exams with flying colors, you will have a lot of options to choose from including the organization where you intend to work and the type of role you wish to undertake. A versatile accounting course will suit you if you intend to practice your profession in the public or private sector.

A course with proven reputation

A high quality accounting course embodies excellent and reputable education. To achieve this, make sure to check if your college is recognized by the professional body offering the qualification.

Ethical education

An accountancy course that underpins the professional and ethical code of conduct is vital for a student who wants to work in a rapidly changing global business environment. To know which course upholds the relevant legislations, regulation and code of conduct in the accounting profession, read and compare some course syllabi.

Accommodating options for study lifestyle

Choose an accounting course that suits your lifestyle. If you have enough matriculation and allowance support, a full time face-to face setup may be suitable for you; or if you are a working student or parent, look for study options that are tailored to your availability such as study via distance learning, part-time study or self-study.

Agreeable support for students

A college and an accountancy body offering agreeable support for accountancy students is a good choice. Check if your prospective college offers the following support:

  • A large network of offices for local inquiries
  • Local network of exam centers
  • Competent tutors
  • Adequate school support
  • Continuing professional development opportunities

For additional tips, get in touch with qualified accountants in your area, visit local career centers or meet with current accounting students for advice or information on their actual experience.



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