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Consciousness is the ability to be aware of yourself and what you are thinking, being and doing. It is the ability to separate yourself from your body,emotions,intellect,history and experiences and to observe them,recognizing them as tools you use but not your essence. When we are not aware we get caught in a vicious circle of living out our habits,and our history-repeating the same old scripts over and over again.

Consciousness is the most important faculty of the human mind. When we use it appropriately- we can bring into our experience all that we need physically,emotionally,mentally and spiritually,to accomplish our purpose here on earth. When we don’t use or misuse our consciousness our life becomes like a ship on the open sea without a captain or a navigator, no sense of direction or purpose. Wherever we end up is by accident.  Be Conscious of This!

Without consciousness we often take on the characteristics of our tribe and act out of the fears of our own subconscious and the collective subconscious of the tribe. Be Conscious of This!

If you want to be successful you have to consciously leave your tribe and push yourself out of your comfort zone. You will have to stretch yourself or else your comfort zone will become a rut. Complacency is one of the greatness enemies of success,possibilities and creativity. For you to accomplish something new-something which is not yet programmed into your subconscious mind-such as learning to sit and focus on your studies you will have to be willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable doing it the first few times. If it is worth doing, it is worth the awkwardness until it is programmed into your subconscious mind and that mind will simply take over with effortless ease. “Wait means never!”  Be Conscious of This!

What happens to a person during his life time is in direct relation to the way he or she passes his or her day. Many of us wait for miracles from above. I’ve heard a number of people say. “Well, I am ready. I am just waiting for a sign from above. I am ready to do God’s will- I am just waiting on the Lord.” If these souls were indeed “ready,” they would be busy fulfilling their mission on earth. Be Conscious of This!

Don’t join people who watch and wait- You will lose nothing but time!. Be Conscious of This!

Don’t join people who allow you to stay in your comfort zone and say it is impossible. The word impossible is a dangerous word. Too often progress has been delayed or even halted by people who used that word. Transplant a human heart? Impossible! Put a man on the moon? Impossible! Complete ACCA in 24 months? Impossible! But are any of these missions truly impossible?, Over time, the impossible becomes the possibleBe Conscious of This!

“One of the major keys to success is to give up everything for your dreams.” In one single, sweeping sentence our creator gives us the key to help us unlock our true potentials and possibilities. He said: “Cast your bread upon the waters and it shall return to you.” If we release our talents, our time,our gifts with a feeling of hope and positive expectancy, they will return to us in the form of multiplied blessings.

“Cast your bread upon the waters and it shall return to you.” I am aware that some of my spiritual friends are now saying that I am quoting out of context.  So let me explain since physical blindness is just one form of blindness and as great a handicap as physical blindness is, it may not be as nearly as debilitating as spiritual,  intellectual or moral blindness.

“Cast your bread upon the waters and it shall return to you.” does  not make much sense to the average man. If you throw bread upon the water,it will get soggy and dissolve. If it does return, neither of us would care to eat it.

Cast your bread upon the waters and it shall return to you was originally spoken in a culture where fish was the basis for economic survival. If you throw bread upon the water, the bread itself will not be edible, but it will attract fishes to the surface so you can net them. That’s what the author of this biblical verse had in mind. If you are hungry, take your bread and give it up!. Throw it into the water. Yes you will lose your bread, but you will gain a meal fit for royalty!

Likewise when you give forth your talents, time, and gifts, your “bread” will return to you multiplied.  Be Conscious of This!






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