Global High Achievers for Global New Vetting Mock Examination Series ME001 For ACCA F2/FMA September 2017 Group

Global High Achievers

Congratulations to all who sat this Mock Examination. Many of you did not achieve the 85% to appear on this list but you all did  well.

The Global High Achievers for Global New Vetting Mock Examination Series ME001 For ACCA F2/FMA September 2017 Group are shown in the figure below with the grades achieved.

Global High Achievers for Global New Vetting Mock Examination Series ME001 For ACCA F2/FMA September 2017 Group
Global High Achievers for Global New Vetting Mock Examination Series ME001 For ACCA F2/FMA September 2017 Group. 

My gift you all Global memebrs today is The Alphabet for High Achievers

The Alphabet for High Achievers

A –  Aim of what you want by concentrating clearly on top priorities.
B –  Believe in on your own and also your goals, and then start to pursue them.
C – Count your blessings, create opportunities, and also dedicate to faith-driven activity.
D – Dream large desires, design a strategy, and also devote yourself to excellence.
E – Energize yourself with positive thoughts, and anticipate everyday wonders and victories.
F -Follow through with faith-driven action, and also forgive blunders of the past.
G -Give time, energy and additional effort, as well as appreciate for all that you have and will receive.
H -Hold on to your desires with need and faith via the lengthy wintertimes of life.
I -Imagine on your own as successful, and also release thoughts of concern that would certainly limit you.
J -Journey from your convenience zone to acquire brand-new knowledge as well as better benefits.
K -Keep progressing little by little, gaining brand-new wisdom and nerve each day.
I – Implement strategies that work, and throw those that do not function.
L -Love on your own enough to take excellent care of you to ensure that you’ll be able to deal with those you enjoy.
M -Make space for the most essential points first, as well as relocate into activity when the time is.
N -Negotiate with others so that every person success.
O -Open the eyes of your spirit, and see the excellent in others and also in life.
P -Practice the skills had to drive you to the degree of quality.
Q -Question things you might need to get rid of, as well as boost energy by living in a hassle-free environment.
R -Recognize positive conditions, ride each wave with guts, and rest to restore your power.
S -Stand firm on your dedication to quality. Choose the people and also details that can assist you be successful.
T -Thank God for all true blessings, take control of your time, and tackle each issue with stability.
U -Uncover your abilities, release your creative spirit, and unite with God’s purpose for your life.
V -Visualize your goals as currently achieved, and give thanks for their accomplishment.
W -Wake up to each brand-new day of experience, and wash out negative thoughts with favorable petitions.
X -Xcell by analyzing your outcomes daily, and also making adjustments in your actions as required.
Y -Yield to your purpose as well as values, living every day with the faith and also expertise that you were produced as a important and unique individual.
Z -Zero know your targets, as well as approach them with need, dedication, confidence, and devotion.

Wishing  you many great achievements!

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