Seven(7) Fundamental Principles For Solving Problems

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If you have a problem today (any problem) I can help you if you will let me. Today I offer to you seven(7) principles that I used daily. They will work if you use them.

Principle #1: Don’t Underestimate Problems
Problems are like a pregnancy. They will grow until their presence is obvious. No one is just little pregnant. And no problem is unimportant enough to ignore.
Never underestimate a problem or your power to cope with it. Realize that the problem you are facing has been faced by millions of human beings.
You have untapped potential for dealing with a problem if you will take the problem and your own undeveloped, unchallenged powers seriously. Your reaction to the problem, as much as the problem itself,will determine the outcome.
Let us face the most catastrophic problems with a positive mental attitude, turning our problems into creative experiences. Let us turned scars into stars.

Principle #2: Don’t Exaggerate Problems

Sometimes instead of underestimating the problem, our instinctive(and often, the first) reaction is to exaggerate it. Don’t exaggerate the problem. You are playing
it up too much. Play it down. Then pray it up but don’t sit and wait. Take action. Give it to God and give God a chance to show how the scars can be turned into stars.
Are you unemployed? Are you depressed to the point that you want to stop the world and get off? Maybe you are exaggerating your problem.
If you will play it down and pray it up with action, God will give you the ability to cope with the worst that will happen. Stop exaggerating the dept, the length, and the breadth of the problem.

This song just came to mind: Til The Storm Passes By – The Grace Thrillers

Principle #3: Don’t wait

There is a time and place for patience- after you have tried every avenue possible and have planted as many seeds of solutions as you can. Patience is not a virtue if
you sit back and wait for your problem to solve itself. If you want to solve your problem, don’t wait for somebody else to help you. Tackle it yourself. Right now,
understand that you alone are personally responsible for managing your problem. Don’t expect anybody else to do it for you.

Principle #4: Don’t Aggravate Problems
We have the power to make any problem better or worse. We do this when we react positively or negatively. If you have a problem don’t add to it. Don’t make your problem
worse by aggravating it with self-pity, jealousy,cynicism, hatred and anger. They will not help solve the problem.

Principle #5: Now Dedicate

Most people fail, not because they lack intelligence, ability, opportunity, or talent, but because they have not given their problem all they’ve got!
Everyone can succeed if you can get enthusiastic about life even when life seems empty. Doors will open to the enthusiastic person first!

Principle #6: Insulate Yourself

Don’t isolate yourself from help, but do insulate yourself from negative forces and negative personalities. Keep away from negative people and organization.Keep company with people who will push you to achieved greatness. Maintaining a positive mental attitude becomes a near-impossible task if we allow ourselves to be bombarded by the negative thoughts that constantly surround us.
Check out the positive or negative content of your own conversations and the advice that people give you. Let us become sensitive to the widespread, taken-for-granted
,negative sentences that are pumped into your brain daily by well-meaning friends.

Insulate yourself from the following phrases:

(a)Take Care: People who take care never get anywhere. Managing problems requires that we take control..
(b)Take it easy: Resourcefulness and creative initiative can be stifled by the take-it-easy attitude.
(c)Thank God, it’s Friday: TGIF is a wasteful thought!
(d)Not too bad: This is a negative statement. This is just one step above awful!

Be positive. Never Give Up!. You can solve your problems. When a problem seems to defy solution, you can manage it. You can manage it when you work the six(6) principles that I have shared with you.
But none of this will work effectively unless you take positive control of your life and your thoughts.

Principle #7: Take Care of your Educational Goals. Prepare for it today

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.


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