Why Choose a Career in Accountancy at Global

Why Choose a Career in Accountancy at Global

Many people choose career in accountancy due to various reasons including stability of job, good career prospects and excellent salary along with opportunity to work with various businesses. If you have right qualification required for professional accountancy then you can get chance to work with top organisations. If you have a financially skilled mind then it can be rewarding for your accountancy career. If the standard of your work as accountant is high then you can easily get to responsible positions with higher salary in any organisation. Moreover career in accountancy offers lots of career opportunities in wide variety of industrial as well as commercial units. Initially you may have to work harder and for longer hours but soon you will progress with your hard work and rise to any level at very young age.


Qualification for accountancy

Another good reason to choose career in accountancy is that no formal degree is required to be a professional accountant. Many companies offer in house training or through some external agencies to their employees who have ability and talent of maintaining their accounts. However, in order to become a Certified Public Accountant or CPA a bachelor’s degree in accounting or any related field is required as minimum qualification in some states. Some states require some advance courses, along with simple bachelor’s degree, to be done in subjects like taxes, financial reporting, auditing and other non accounting areas in the businesses. They have to earn total 150 credit hours by working in accounting and related areas.

Variety of job opportunities

After getting qualification in accountancy you can get job of accountant in wide variety of industrial and commercial organisations according to your ability and their requirements. An accountant is a very important entity for any type of business or industry. Some of them hire accountants on permanent basis whereas some hire part time accountants too. The demand of qualified accountants has rapidly increased during last few years as all important sectors all over the world including government, medical, media, retail, investment and banking, and private commercial companies are offering jobs for them. They can also work as freelance chartered accountants and with charity sector along with several special as well as general practices like:


  • Auditing: You can conduct independent checking of the financial statements of the organisations


  • Taxation: You can advice organisation about their taxation and deal with their tax returns


  • Corporate finance: You can advise businesses about acquisitions and mergers


  • Business insolvency and recovery: You can guide businesses while winding them up or taking them out of difficulties


  • Forensic accounting: You can prevent as well as detect frauds.


Satisfaction of accountancy job 

A career in accountancy offers you opportunities to prove wide variety of your potentials, apart from playing with numbers, like troubleshooting, leadership, communication and team working etc. In fact, the contacts of these accountants give them enormous amount of job satisfaction. As accountant you can also work for a number of alternative positions these days. Environmental auditing is one of such areas where qualified accountants have much space to grow. In this field you can help the companies in understanding and reducing the impact of their business on the environment. There are many opportunities for accountants to get job in health services and public sectors through which they can serve state as well as federal government. In this way they can contribute in the economic development of the country. Successful accountants can also join various types of high level jobs including:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Tax expert
  • Finance auditor
  • Accounts manager
  • Payroll and personal finance managers
  • Chartered accountant
  • Finance director
  • Financial Analyst

Salary for trainee and qualified accountants

Another reason to choose career in accountancy is financial stability. According to the information provided in 2010 by the Bureau of Labour Statistics, on an average $ 61,000 was the annual salary of the accountants and auditors whereas over 107,000 Dollar was earned by the 10% accountants at top positions. In this way the accountants who have qualified their courses on the top positions get great opportunities to earn higher salaries than the other high level employees.

Own business opportunities for accountants

Successful accountants can also set up their own business along with working as accountant with other businesses. Many accountants set up their general management company on the basis of their qualification and experience in this field. Moreover you can annually visit several businesses as an auditor. It helps you in making your business successful as you can know their way of working and financial management.

Other benefits of career in accountancy

While choosing career in accountancy people also consider various other benefits as a qualified accountant can easily balance their life and work which is very important for everyone. You can also enjoy certain benefits depending upon the sector in which you have worked. As freelancer or part time accountant you can enjoy breaks in your career. You can also work independently as self employed as per your suitability and according to your experience and field of work. You can also work with international companies, if you have qualification recognised by global accountancy and zeal to travel around the world. You can also try for career in personal finance sector where you can expect profit related schemes and high bonuses. Many international companies also send trainees to their foreign branches to get training as well as completing their basic qualification.

In this way, it is very safe to invest in a career in accountancy, if you are searching for a field where you can get a steady and secure job with good income and career prospects. Though everyone cannot be a successful accountant but if you have good investigative skills, financial attitude and want to go in detail of everything then it is the right career for you. The other reasons for which people choose career in accountancy include bonuses and benefits along with good salary which they can expect after becoming a qualified accountant.

If still you have some doubts in this regard then you should talk to some qualified and well placed accountants in various sectors to know their experiences with their career.

The Global Accountancy Institute Experience

If you want to study ACCA, but have no formal qualifications, Global Accountancy Institute is the place for you. With us, all you need to do is study Foundations in Accounting, and you are all set to study the prestigious ACCA. ACCA is regarded by many as a mark of excellence; it is a distinction in accountancy unsurpassed by any other. Besides the knowledge, studying ACCA equips you with exceptional skills. You stand out as a skilled and dedicated person, and who does not want to be associated with such a person?

Additionally, studying ACCA gives you a chance to interact with many more experts who are part of the association. This affords you a truly unique opportunity to network with others in your profession, which further leads to a successful career. ACCA membership is truly an invaluable treasure.

While you are still studying ACCA at this Accountancy Institution, you can achieve additional qualifications namely::
1. Accounting & Business Diploma
2. Advanced Accounting & Business Diploma
3. BSc (Hons) Degree in Applied Accounting Awarded by Oxford Brooks
4. Masters in Professional Accountancy awarded by The University of London

All our classes are offered online, and one cannot overemphasize how convenient that is for students. All topics are covered thoroughly. You get as much information as you would in a brick and mortar school, only that in this case, it is offered to you in the most convenient of circumstances.

Contact us today in order to promptly begin your chosen accountancy course. Complete the online form at https://www.globalaccountancycollege.com/register.html , after which we will contact you and send you an invoice for payment. It is that simple, and convenient. Global Accountancy Institute is the key to your professional success, so grab the opportunity at your earliest opportunity. It is a decision you will never regret- if anything, it might just be the miracle you need to have a successful career.



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Dr Glen Brown is the President & CEO of Global Accountancy Institute,Inc. He is a Senior Lecturer in Accounting, Auditing,Finance and Management, A Management Consultant and a Global Learning System Designer.

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